Wednesday, September 19, 2007

25 Days, 13

Wow. Took a little break there, huh?

Anyway, the Santa Monica Pier has a program called "Wake Up with the Waves" every Saturday morning starting mid-September. It's a kids' concert series on the pier that begins at 9am. When I told Dash's Godmother that we were planning on attending this past Saturday she marveled that we'd be able to get a toddler out of the house and a good 40-minute-drive away so early in the morning. "Cake," I declared. "I'm one organized motherfucker."

We were almost crushed by the stampede of strollers on their way home for snacks and naps when we finally rolled onto the pier at 10:45am. We had fun anyway.

commentary: "No, no, no, no, no, down, down, no, no, down, please, down."

the Tub Toss got OWNED by Daddy. (also, see that pink clog? mine. awesome.)

running the stairs


the carousel went a little fast for his taste

singing "Like a Virgin," accompanied by her laptop

is it weird that Yankee Doodles is, like, my favorite restaurant?

Edited to add: Hey! It's my first blog anniversary. Know how I know? 'Cause it's Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Here: How did the pirate quit smoking? He used the patch.

Also: What has eight arms and eight legs? Eight pirates.

Or how about: What do you call a pirate who poses for Playboy magazine? A Playmatey.

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