Sunday, October 12, 2008


We met some new friends at our local pumpkin farm this weekend. God I love fall. And making new friends. And cute blond babies who hug.

It was so windy I was fairly certain one of them would blow off the top of the haystack pyramid.

When I asked Dash if he would take a picture with me like this was all, "nope."

He enjoyed the pony ride MUCH more than last time.

His horse's name was Dan wich amuses me to no end.

Here's when I passed out from all the cute.

They revived me in time to see this and then I died.

Cute baby jail.

The petting zoo was pretty much goats & sheep.

He refused to touch any animals in the petting zoo and eventually also refused to stand.

There's a bunny in there.

Dash kept trying to get Lis Ana to catch him & Lis Ana kept trying to get Dash to dance.

Lis Ana won.

This is good parenting, right? Instead of trying to keep him out of the path of the train we took pictures. See, it's funny because he can't read.

It took us about 10 minutes to talk him out of getting a rainbow and then a dolphin. Not that there would have been anything wrong with that.

He sat unbelievably still, but looked pretty unhappy the whole time.


There was a country band & Lis Ana spun and danced and all the little boys fell in love and started chasing her around.

Dash was pretty chill, though. 'Cause he knew she was leaving with him.


Same as last year, we came home with not a single pumpkin. See you soon, Trader Joe's pumpkin bin.

[edited to add]

The photographer father of Lis Ana just sent these! Squee!


Tonya said...

I love his jaunty hand-in-the-pocket poses! He's like, "yeah, I've got this situation under control....:

vincent said...

This looks like a wonderful day. I am glad you guys enjoyed it!!!

InTheFastLane said...

That little girl looks like she could be Dash's sister! So cute!

Jennifer said...


The photo of you is so pretty...I'm saving it...Dash and his hot mama.

Lynne said...

That black and white photo does look lovely. And I love little kids that just wear their fancy dress clothes any old time!