Tuesday, July 01, 2008

25 Days, 12

This weekend Josh organized a day of berry picking for us. We headed out to nearby-ish Underwood Farms and had ourselves a hell of a day.

This is what greeted us as we entered the grounds. Apparently goats have flawless balance and can wander from pen to pen along narrow planks high above us. Some small and damaged part of me wanted to see one stumble.
They wouldn't let us into the pony ride pen with Dash and he was pissed. He continued to make that face for the duration of the ride.
There was a giant green tractor. Probably could've gone home after that and he would have been perfectly content. (Josh's face in this pic looks hilariously insane to me. Every time I look at him I laugh.)
We fed carrots to a miniature donkey named Antonio and a miniature horse named
Honcho. They both had effed up teeth and Dash was a little worried about putting carrots directly into their mouths, so he went for the feeding tube option.
He was super-excited to ride the train and waited patiently for his turn. As he was about to take his seat this little asshole jumped into his car. The asshole's mother insisted that they could ride together. Dash wasn't really into it. I don't blame him.
So we let him go again. By himself.
It was much better.
Why do all dudes sit like this? Is it a genetic imperative?
Finally it was time to pick some berries!
I totally get why raspberries are so expensive. They grow on thorny little vines that stick and cut, and they're so delicate that every second one disintegrates in your hand.
Dash picked two strawberries, ate one...
tossed the other...

and declared the day over.

I had plans to make jam from our haul, but I can buy organic reduced sugar jam fairly cheaply and not have to clean boiled sugar and strawberry goo off of my counters. So we just ate these.

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