Sunday, June 29, 2008

25 Days, 11

Dash is currently enrolled at his third school. The last one only lasted about a month. I didn't mention it here because, well, three schools in a year and a half seems a little unreasonable. But after about a week or so at school number two Dash arrived home with finger guns blazing and threats of, "I shoot Mommy, I kill Mommy." Well. Turns out that Dash befriended the kid whose gang-banging dad was serving time in State Prison to be followed immediately by 10 more years in Federal Prison. His mom thought it was all kinda funny. I was less amused.

So we moved him. We moved him to an adorable place with huge, green grounds. The teachers there are all over 40 and have made their careers the care of children. We've been there about a month and are deliriously happy.

On Friday the school had a pre-4th of July potluck bbq. We brought mini-cupcakes with red white & blue sprinkles (yum) and homemade potato salad (yuck, and also a pain in the ass to make. grr.)

At the party we befriended another couple with a beautiful daughter Dash's age. They were lovely and we're so hopeful that they'll become friends. The father is a professional photographer. Now, we really, really like this couple. We're absolutely not in it for the pictures. But seriously. Take a look at these. Just a few snaps he took at the party, no big deal. I'm a little embarrassed to post any more of my own pictures here ever again.

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amy t sharp of doobleh-vay said...

gorgeous shots- I am happy you found a good place- it makes all the difference!