Monday, June 16, 2008

25 Days, 6

I don't know when we found our rhythm as a family. I remember this time last year we still didn't really know what we were doing or how we should spend our days. We vacillated between hanging out in front of the tv all day and going on big, exhausting outings. We didn't really know about happy mediums. This Father's Day was a really lovely example of something in between. Just the right pace for us on a Sunday.

We spent the morning opening presents and eating fried eggs & bacon. Then we waddled down to the pool for an hour of Dash climbing out and jumping as far as he could into Josh's arms. An hour of this. My husband is a saint.

After naps and fresh clothes we drove to The Stand for hot dogs and chili fries. They had live jazz and Dash danced and tipped the musicians. Many other families had the same Father's Day idea as us, so there were lots of kids and beaming dads gorging on elaborate dogs and the beautiful late afternoon breeze.

Sated, we rolled outta there to Coldstone for even more gluttony and wandered over to the new marketplace they're building down the hill from us. There's a little pond and a bridge and lots of fountains for Dash to threaten to jump into. We rambled around there until bedtime.

It wasn't one of those big days. We didn't make reservations anywhere and Josh wasn't obligated to drink any beer or grill any meat. It was just a quiet day full of laughing and exchanged shrugs: how did we get this lucky?

Happy Father's Day, baby.

(all pix taken w/ my crappy camera phone)

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