Saturday, June 21, 2008

25 Days, 8

So there's this artist named Kerri Smith who, among many other things, encourages us to create every day. The other day I happened upon her 100 Ideas and was inspired. I printed out seven copies (one for each woman in my life plus me) and cut them up into little glass jars. I dropped in a few additional treasures and there you have it. Little jars of inspiration anytime you need it.

The jars from Cost Plus had little chalkboard labels so I drew a butt on one 'cause I'm 9.

I made clothespin dolls because we're all girls and we love dolls. Just wrapped some clothespins I had left over from Halloween in fabric scraps

This one got a plastic beetle that I am thrilled to have out of the house.

I ordered these wooden keys from The Porkchop Show's Etsy store. I had no idea what I was going to do with them when I bought them but I was physically unable to resist them. Now their purpose has been revealed.

These are recycled paper journals from Target. They're the exact size of a passport and I tarted them up a touch with images I printed from here onto label paper.

Here's mine.

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amy t sharp said...

This so so creative and freaking awesome!!!