Saturday, June 07, 2008

Another 25 Days

Last year around this time I spent 25 days meditating on my life's joys and pleasures. I credit that project with helping to lift me out of the post partum depression I had mostly unknowingly been suffering. (Not that I believe that good thoughts can end an actual clinical depression, but think mine was mainly over and I just needed to deal with figuring out my new place in the world as a working mother.)

Anyway, I loved spending those days looking for little bits of loveliness in my regular old life and am excited to return to my 25 Days.

I have, weirdly, never been stung by a bee. I think that's mainly why I am terrified of them. You've never seen someone spazz out and haul ass faster than me when confronted with a bee. But then I heard about colony collapse disorder. (Isn't it funny how quickly a little information can change your thinking? It used to be impossible for me to wrap my mind around how people could clean their houses without using paper towels. Then I realized that using paper towels had a real and lasting negative consequence for the planet and so I [mostly] stopped using them. Easy.)

But my point is, I read about colony collapse and something just clicked. We needed bees. And I could do my small part to help. So we planted tons of bee-friendly lavender and hung up this mason bee house. They don't actually live in it. They just lay their eggs in the little tubes. Now when I see a fat bee loping around my yard I welcome it and ask it to invite friends, too.


Blogging Molly said...

ooh - tell me more about this little bea house! about the cherry jam, for one batch of jam i used 4 pints of cherries, pitted and quartered, between 1/2 and 3/4 cup honey, and one package of no-sugar needed pectin. I mashed the cherries up a bit to release some of the juice, and just followed the directions from the pectin container - pretty easy! but how i would love to have my own honey bees one day.

kate said...

That's so interesting- I planted lavender because I love it, but I didn't know that bees love it, too. I'm terrified of most flying stinging insects, so after I discovered the bees SWARMING the lavender plants, I ended up using the experience to try to work through those fears a little bit.

Unfortunately, my mother, who is deathly allergic to bees, came to visit me earlier this summer, so I had to cut all the flowers off the lavender so that she could walk into my house without risking getting stung. Sad. That's okay, though. The plants have already begun to put out more flowers, and because I cut the flowers when I did, I got to harvest/dry a TON of lavender buds that I can now use for craft pursuits. Cool!