Sunday, June 08, 2008

25 Days, 2

In the summers I take Fridays off rather than take an actual 2-week vacation. Usually I send Dash to school and use the time to clean and grocery shop and fold laundry and do all the stuff that you don't want to waste summer weekends on. This Friday, though, I kept Dash home and we played baseball and chased each other around with hoses (set to mist) and ate watermelon and popsicles.
And we did this.

Our entire side yard is lined in river rocks. I plucked a few pretty ones and Dash & I took it upon ourselves to improve on nature.

I hope he's always this fearless with color.

The prettiest ones are decorating a terrarium I made as a housewarming gift for our lovely friend Jen.

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Jennifer said...

Awwww. I love this. It now has a home on my bookshelf so everyone can see how beautiful it is.