Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Cheeky One

I don't know how I found out that it was possible to see Thomas the train live and in person. I think they implanted a chip during my stay in the maternity ward that sets of an internal alarm when cool shit for three-year-olds happens within a 100 mile radius of our house.

One of the major benefits of living in the middle of nowhere is that when stuff takes place in Bumfuck Egypt, we're already halfway there.

We didn't tell Dash in advance what we were doing that day. I thought his head would explode from the anticipation. When he finally saw Thomas I think he was just mostly confused.

They tell you to arrive an hour before the train ride begins. They had all sorts of activities set up for the kids. Bouncers, story tents...

... little railroad sets scattered around on tables.

Finally, it was time to take a ride.

The train crossed the highway & all the cars stopped behind the railroad crossing honked and waved. Could you imagine driving somewhere with your kid and being stopped by the actual Thomas? And you don't have a ticket? And your kid is just sitting there watching 100 beaming kids take the train ride of their lives? The thought still depresses me.

As you probably already know, Thomas lives and works on the Island of Sodor. It is a beautiful place.

Here was our view from the train.

"Free Tires"

Afterward, we found a sweet little antique store that had a giant bowl of vintage Star Wars Pez dispensers for $1 apiece. Josh bought one of each.

Then we headed into Diamond Dave's Diner for burgers & corn dogs.

After lunch we headed to the fountain accross the street. I gave Dash 20 pennies and he just wished his ass off.

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vincent said...

I haven't read any blogs lately and just got on here. You just made my day. This is the coolest, funniest thing I have been around today! Your picture comments always get me! I love it... Also, my boyfriend would have loved those Pez!