Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Noah & His Ark

We were gifted with passes to the Skirball's Noah's Ark exhibit for a repeat visit. Dash was maybe a hair too young last time, but this time I think he was just perfect. We invited Davey and his lovely mommies, and his 12-year-old cousin Mako from Japan to join us. Afterward, we ate hot dogs at The Stand. It was a very, very nice day.

He blended right in with the zebras in that shirt.

Animal conveyor belt.

I'm sorry, but really. Lookit how cute toddler butts are in jeans.

The turtle shell was made of old basketballs.

No idea what they were doing here.

Davey is a hugger and Dash is a big grump, so Aunty Nic likes to torture Dash by telling Davey to give him lots of hugs. Since we're the ones who'll likely end up paying for their therapy, we feel ok about fucking with them and laughing about it.

More cowbell.

Even more cowbell.

Cannot resist pictures of him smiling.

The Skirball also had a Superhero exhibit. The cartoon Dash is watching is, like, 30 years old, but he's not picky.

You feed this car a quarter and it bobs and rolls and plays the Batman theme song. As he's riding he's singing, "Dananananana BAT MAN!"

Every time this kid puts on a superhero costume (ps-how awesome is it that they had costumes for the kids?) he gets deadly serious.

Like he knows the fate of the universe is in his hands.

Don't laugh. Maybe he knows something we don't.

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