Friday, April 10, 2009

Junk Drawer

Nothing much happening in our world lately but a bunch of little tidbits. Not enough for an actual post, so I guess it's time for another series of unrelated bullet points--my specialty!

* We've had a few setbacks in the garden. The birds (or squirrels? no idea, really) obliterated all the seedlings except the cucumbers & one green bean. We've started more seeds and will keep them indoors until they're much, much bigger this time. If that doesn't work we'll have to fence the raised beds or something. Maybe we could make a scarecrow!

* It's Easter time and I'm kinda half feeling it. We never, ever celebrated Easter when I was little (being Jewish and all), but I'm kinda drawn to the holiday now--bunnies and chicks and eggs and pink and green! Really, at its core, Easter is just a celebration of Spring, so I don't feel that weird about it. But it just isn't really on my radar the way other holidays are. I did throw together a basket for Dash with some candy, art supplies and a new Lightning McQueen (his third--he goes through them like Kleenex), and we're going to Aunty's mom's house (Mooma) on Sunday for ham and an Easter egg hunt; but my big plans for dyeing eggs and a cashmere stuffed bunny made by me fell apart. Maybe next year.

* Getting Dash dressed in the morning is a Sisyphean task. He just will not do it without a fight. Every goddamned morning. Either he doesn't want to wear what's available (if he had his way he would rotate between three shirts for the rest of his life: Angel's Guerrero--which is fast becoming a belly shirt; "Rock 'n'Roll"--which is a black shirt with a band set-up in white silhouette, a gift from his Pookies; and Yoda--a new gift from Mama.) Anyway, so we started having a "race" to get dressed every morning. I get in the shower as he's starting to get dressed and we race to see who'll be ready to go first. It's funny and kinda works, but he's now mocking me, which is hilarious and also a little mean. "You're too slow, Mama! You never win!" So these days it's taking me about 10 minutes to get a shirt on--because I don't want to know what'll happen if he ever loses--and I get made fun of for it. One of these days I'm just going to get dressed like a normal person. You'll know when that has happened. You'll be able to hear the screaming from your house.

* They built a little outdoor shopping center with a little pond and a bridge where ducks hang out & where we like to take Dash to just run around and play in the fountains nearby. We were there the other evening and Dash made up this little game where we each stood on a floor light and danced to the piped in music (I'll try to get a picture next time) [edited to add: lookit! Josh took a picture on his fancy new iPhone!] and every few seconds one of us would start running for another light. Once one of us ran, we all had to run and you'd never know where anyone was running and it was all pretty silly and funny and fun.

Nearby, a little girl was having dinner with her family and finally she couldn't resist the draw any longer and wandered over to us. We taught her the rules and that was that. She and Dash played the running game until it stopped being fun. Then they started playing in the water fountains until they were both soaked. Then they just chased each other until they were so worn out they started to melt down.

Josh and I had a lovely chat with her mom while the kids played, and although I wanted so much to ask for her number or offer her ours so we could get the kids together again, I just didn't know if that would be weird so I didn't do it. I've been kicking myself ever since. Why is it that little kids can just roll up to each other and without so much as an introduction start playing as if they've known each other all their lives? But I can't even hand out a phone number after talking with someone for an hour? I suck at making friends.

* At Target a couple of weeks ago--Me: distracted and not listening, Josh: too far away to intervene, Dash: pointing at a woman of small stature and screaming, "she's so little!" over and over again while everyone around us just laughed and laughed.

* This is the worstest blog post ever, but I'll make it up to you! Lots and lots of good stuff is in the works! Promise!

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