Monday, April 13, 2009


OK, I guess I got my second wind. I ended up making some sweet little cashmere bunnies for Dash & Davey from a tutorial from Betz White. The blue cashmere came from a onesie that Dash received as a gift from his beloved Pookies. The orange was from a sweater I got at J. Crew on sale for like $20 and was my most favorite item of clothing ever until the moths got to it. The ears are lined with the Jay McCarroll fabric that just never stops giving.

I'm only showing Davey's bunny because Dash's ended up with a snout. I'm contemplating pulling it apart and fixing it, but I'm not optomistic that it'll happen. We'll just call it an aardvark.

THEN! I finally made these and brought them to Mooma's Easter party because my sense of humor is impeccable!

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