Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

We had such a lovely, chill Father's Day. Scrambled eggs and bacon, lots of prezzies, then a bbq with the family. Awesome. Happy Father's Day, Super Dad. We love you!

I made these Super Engels. Even as I was painting them I had absolutely no idea why. But I couldn't resist. I got the blank dolls from this awesome Etsy seller.

They have capes. Because they're Super Engels.

Josh also got a couple of t-shirts, a couple of books (one on tying knots, which is his new passion--I don't ask--and another of letters from children to Obama called, Thanks and Have Fun Running the Country), and, the piece de resistance, a Legos X-Wing.

Later we headed over to a family BBQ. I made cupcakes and, more importantly, cupcake picks. The Dada one, you see, is an advertisement for an exhibition on Dadaism. But I'm using it to mean "Dad." Because I'm funny. And clever.

Dash & I did a lot of playing tag and chasing bubbles. We tried hide & seek, but a carpenter bee found me in the rose bushes so that was the end of that.

I hope he knows how lucky he is to be able to call them Daddy & Grandpa.

Postscript: Dash may or may not have broken my nose this morning when he came barreling out from behind the curtains to scare us. The cracking sound was fairly terrifying, but I'm too chicken to go to the docor. I may go in the morning. If he did break my nose, I will for sure never let him live it down.

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