Monday, June 01, 2009

Pup Tent

We recently bought a copy of the absolutely stunning pop-up version of Peter Pan, illustrated by Robert Sabuda. I don't know how we established our little ritual of reading a few pages each evening, after dinner, outside on a blanket, but we did and it's just the perfect way to end a day.

So, never one to pass up an opportunity to gild the lily, I made us a little tent for reading. Or drawing. Or napping. Or lolling. So far it's a hit.

(The fabric is all from Joann's summer seersucker line. I got it on sale for $1.99/yard and I needed 9 yards.)


vincent said...

You are positively the best mommy anywhere... Cool ideas seem to swarm out of you!

vincent said...

Just for the record, if this is your first year for your strawberries, ours was terrible for the first year too. Our neighbor grew up with a passle of strawberries her entire life and she told me they get better every year. This is our second, and it is true. First year we got only about five total, this year a huge bowlful every day! And you have to separate the runners, and we started with 4-5 plants- this year we had over 20, and didn't even separate them all!!! They get crazy!!!

Pollon72 said...

Easy idea and very quick!