Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanks, Day 11

Just over 35 years ago, my Mom packed up her three-year-old daughter (me) and got the fuck out of Dodge (formerly known as the Soviet Union). She left everything and everyone she knew behind to give us a chance at a better life here.

This is how I spent the better part of this evening:

Making crazy turkey cupcakes for Dash's school's Thanksgiving Feast tomorrow.

That is some First World shit right there. Maybe not exactly what she had in mind when she sacrificed everything she had for the Promised Land. But probably close.


SarahSews said...

This series of posts has made me smile every day. I love it! And your writing voice is awesome.

Karin Grow said...
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Karin Grow said...

Whoops, sorry about that deleted comment. Remind me not to post while drinking wine.
So let me try that again.
After your mom gave you a new life and the pursuit of happiness here in the states, you only made 2 dozen cupcakes? what I would do for a cupcake right now. Happy Thanksgiving Liz.