Monday, November 16, 2009

Thanks, Day 2

This dude:

Retired Colonel John P. Galligan

Listen, I am fucking out-of-my-mind enraged at this Fort Hood shooter, and I'm a little bit disappointed that he survived his injuries. If I were the boss of the world, he would never get a trial. He would sit in a little room, watching the home videos of the families he destroyed until he died a slow, brutal, lonely death.

Lucky for humanity I'm not the boss of the world.

Also lucky for humanity is that there are men like John Galligan. Men who don't hesitate to step up and offer to defend the indefensible. Men who insure the greatness of this nation by making certain that every single person--no matter how monstrous--gets a fair trial and a vigorous defense. Men who will sacrifice to make sure that we don't slip into a country of vengeance. Men who will fight to make sure we don't turn into the sort of people who hate us.

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