Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Thanks, Day 3

When Josh bought me this sewing machine, it was a serious leap of faith. It cost about $100--which is real money around here--and I didn't really know how to sew.

It sat around, untouched, for a good long while, but eventually I started trying to sew things. Pillows at first, then a cape for Dash. But this little machine really come into its own when I learned I could use it to do good. It's cranked out dozens of baby hats and blankets and dolls for children in need.

Caps for safe birthing kits f0r Haitian infants

Every small gift that I can make for a child who needs it not only feeds my soul, but reminds me that we are endlessly blessed.

Blankets for orphans in India

Blessed that we can provide a small bit for those who have less. Blessed that we can use our own giving to teach Dash about charity.

Dolls for orphans in Guatemala

Blessed to remember that we are only in our warm, cheerful house by sheer, stupid luck. Blessed to know that, although nothing can replace a fat check when it comes to real giving, we are able to make a small difference in a child's life with a little token.

Monkeys for children recovering from burns

One that I was only able to make because of a leap of faith and $100.

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