Sunday, September 12, 2010

Just Keep Swimmin'


Last year we signed Dash up for three separate 4-lesson swim sessions (so, twelve lessons total) at a cost of about $400. We showed up like chumps every Saturday morning and watched this swim "instructor" drag him around the pool for five minutes. We did this for three months. Three months.

At the end of those three months Dash could swim exactly as well as he could at the start of those three months. So, not at all. Seriously. Not. At. All. The kid sunk like a stone the minute he hit the water. He could not grasp the concept of kicking or moving his arms in order to propel himself forward. Every swim-centered party involved Josh & me sitting in the kiddie pool with him on our laps. It was sad & a little embarrassing.

And then we heard about Karen. Karen is like a myth in our community. People have heard tell of her, but almost no one knows how to find her. She doesn't have a website. There are no reviews of her on Yelp. When we finally did learn her name and tried Googling her, all we found was that she had won a few awards for best Christmas decorations in her neighborhood.

Anyway (I do carry on, don't I?). We found her! And we booked her! And by the end of his first lesson, Dash was swimming. By the end of the ten-lesson session (part of her deal is that you go every day for five days, take the weekend off and then again for another five days in a row), he was really, really swimming. Like a kid who can swim.

That's him up top with his buddies from preschool (we booked them as a group) on graduation day. Swimmers, all three.

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