Friday, September 24, 2010

The Suite Life

You guys. Our new friends, the Babkes family, invited us to watch the Dodgers vs. Padres last night.

From a suite.

Do you know about this? I decidedly did not or I would have refused to ever attend sporting events any other way. Seriously. I am ruined for stadium seating. It's like a fucking hotel room. Except instead of a balcony there's a viewing deck. And instead of a mini-bar stocked with $12 Snickers there was a giant tray of free Dodger Dogs. And instead of those sad little bottles of cheap zinfandel there was a fridge stocked with Kendall Jackson. It was heaven.

Why yes, I did pause to take a picture of the wine. Why do you ask?

Also, the company wasn't bad.

Dash & Ben being photo-bombed by Josh.

Dear Adam & Sharon, Sorry I got your kid all hopped up on gummy bears & M&Ms at 10pm. My bad.

But you have to admit, they're pretty entertaining when they're wasted on sugar.

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