Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Mugs Turns 1

So, this dude:

justine's shower 065
has been on the outside for a year! I helped his sweet mama plan his shindig and then I came right back here to brag.

Josh & Jen had a Hipstamatic face off at the party, so all the pics from the day are arty as hell, but I think you'll get the vibe.

The inspiration for the party came from these cookie cutters that I had picked up from Ikea with no idea why--I just couldn't resist that little hedgehog. When Justine & I started talking about the party I knew right away what we had to do. I used my favorite sugar cookie recipe from the sadly expired Blueprint magazine (Google "Blueprint magazine sugar cookie recipe" and you'll get s few bloggers' takes on the recipe. I am too lazy to transcribe it here). It freezes like a dream & never fails.

Yeah, I made cupcakes. With little woodland animal toppers. So what? Wanna fight about it?

Here's the cake I made. It's a fucking TREE STUMP! It was DUMB! I made it with four layers, alternating between chocolate & butter. I made the roots by mixing the cake tops I sawed off to level the layers with icing & then shaping them by hand. Then I iced the bark & roots with pure chocolate frosting & the lighter "cut" top with chocolate icing mixed with vanilla. Then I used a toothpick to make knots in the bark & rings in the top. Then I was done. Oh no I wasn't! THEN I made those little chocolate pine cones. Fuck yeah I did. Justine ordered the little mushrooms from my favorite Etsy seller, Hey Yo Yo. Then I was done, for reals. That was the first cake I've ever made and I couldn't be prouder if I had actually given birth to it.

In keeping with the woodsy theme, I made these little s'mores kits for the favors. And many, many S'MORE. Get it? S'MORE. Like MORE. I rule at this! (Also, we call him Mugsy, but apparently his actual name is Wyatt. Whatevs.)

We weren't sure what the weather would be like, so I made these molded crayons (from chocolate molds ordered from Bake it Pretty) and recycled notebook kits for the littles. The weather was gorgeous so we just sent them home with the kits as favors.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the s'more bags! And the crayons! And the cake! Please come to Oregon for Fiona's first birthday!

Erin said...

everything here = awesome. But the purple gnome crayon KILLS me. And where did the cupcake toppers come from? and is 32 too old for a woodland themed birthday party? Maybe? Liddle bit? Damn.

Liz said...

Nope, 32 is PERFECT for a woodland themed party. I made the toppers with pictures I printed out on plan paper, then punched out with a circle cutter & stuck onto toothpicks with label paper, also punched out with the circle cutter. Sounds harder than it was.