Friday, November 19, 2010

Oh! Hello!

Well. Thanksgiving is in six days. Didn't see that coming.

Pig did, though:


I've been in craft overdrive, making shit & mailing shit & worrying about the quality and quantity of the shit I have made and am making.

Wanna see something nuts? This is my craft spreadsheet:

Gray cells mean the item is complete. Blue means I need to finish by Christmas. This is a screen cap of the first page. If you could scroll down you'd see about 50 more items. Because I am insane.

Here are a few things I've completed:

Stupid Kala, who packed up her beautiful Viola & moved to NY, sent me some pictures of the most charming birdhouses made by Tamar Mogendorff. They are stunning. They also cost upwards of $150 each.

So I made these. They obviously pale in comparison, but I made them with love just for Viola and I hope she enjoys them. They were really fun to make and I kinda want to make about 100 more. Would that be weird?

Glitter, bitches.

Since I was already making birds for Viola, I decided to make some more as ornaments for the Xmas swap I joined.

And then I made some little houses, too. Because I like them.


vincent said...

I love it just like I love your blog. The spreadsheet is anally frickin' awesome! Never seen anything like it! The things you are making are great and hey, if you want to make 100 more- cool! If you are good at it, it makes it more fun! I know a lady who makes cigar box purses. Totally for a unique taste. She showed me her "studio" the other day. There must have been 100 of them in that room, any kind you could think of. She said now it is hard to get rid of them not only because of the economy, but they are like her "babies"! :)

Jennifer said...

Um, bird ornament, please! xx