Friday, December 31, 2010


OK, two last things in re: Christmas 2010.

In addition to the many other wonderful things I got this year, I got this gorgeous girl. I have named her Martha Plimpton, which Josh thinks is just insane. He is wrong. Martha Plimpton is the absolutely perfect name for my little blue beauty. I left her on the stove the first couple of days & would just stroke her lid each time I passed by. I've never had an enameled iron pot and I'm over the moon at the possibilities here. Bread, soups, stews, chilis. Life will finally be perfect. Finally. Here she is making the first of her lifetime of meals. Boeuf bourguignon. It was spectacular. Like you didn't know that already.

Also, here:


OK, next stop: Harry Potter Birthday insanity. Brace yourselves. It's gonna get nuts.


Martha Plimpton said...

Happy New Year! This is Martha Plimpton. I saw this come up on my google alerts and I had to say: This is a tremendous honor. I love my Le Creuset cast iron, which is ALSO BLUE, and I am beyond delighted that you have christened yours in my name. I wish you the happiest and most joyous of New Years!


Amy said...

1) An enameled cast iron Dutch oven really is one of the finest of fine pieces of cooking equipment. Mine is red (though, that's actually not the color I'd have chosen given my druthers, but it was on sale at the Le Creuset outlet, so how could I say no to that?) Have fun with it! Mine lives on my stove too. It's like a tool that's actually art.

2) Um, if the first comment honestly *is* from Martha Plimpton, then Martha Plimpton is absolutely a woman I'd like to hang out with. How hilarious and sweet. I'm completely charmed.(Oh man, I so hope it's really her.)

Liz said...

MARTHA PLIMPTON! I'm seriously over the moon (I am assuming that it's actually you because what kind of weirdo would pretend to be Martha Plimpton on some random blog?). Thanks so much for the kindness and for taking the naming as it was intended--to pay homage to one of my very favorite actresses with one of my very favorite objects.

And Amy, right? It is art! So smooth & heavy. Is it weird how much we love them?