Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Jenukkah 2010

Jenukkah (our beloved Jen's birthday/Hanukkah dinner mash-up) is quickly becoming my favorite holiday.

Jenukkah 2010
Ina Garten says that having people sit elbow to elbow at an almost-too-small table is the best way to throw a dinner party. Ina is, as usual, right.

Jenukkah 2010
Each place setting got a little handmade bird. Because if you're going to make ten why not just make twenty? It's not like I had anything else to do.

We did a little gift station so everyone could choose what treats they wanted to take home. I made limoncello; Kahlua (or coffee-flavored hooch, as the labels read); tangerine, rosemary & smoked paprika finishing salts and cayenne & sea salt fudge.

Even though it's Jen's birthday...

Jenukkah 2010
...Dash always scores a pretty impressive haul. Star Wars pjs from Aunty & Tio, Captain Rex helmet from Jen & Tom and (not pictured) digital camera from Justine & Mugsy. Nice.

Here are Mugsy & Dash discussing the intricacies of the season.

Jenukkah 2010

Jenukkah 2010
And then: Rock Band. Because. Just because.

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