Friday, December 31, 2010

The Naughty List May be a Myth

Otherwise, how do you explain the MOUNTAIN of stuff Dash got for Christmas this year? (Just kidding, Dash of the future who may be reading this. You were & remain a delight every moment of every day).


Our first order of business on Christmas morning (which came at the unexpectedly civilized hour of 7:30am. We were honestly expecting him to come screeching in at 5am) was to check to make sure that Santa and the reindeer were adequately fed. They were. And the reindeer even left us a dusting of glitter as a thank you for Dash.

Then it was on to the much more serious business of "WHAT DID SANTA BRING ME!?" Indiana Jones whip. Santa is crazy.

Cowboy boots!

The wink makes it extra tough.

The hat brings it all the way over to badass territory.

Guess what gift elicited this beaming face! Go on, guess!

FUCKING BOW & ARROW, BITCHES! Santa is seriously nutso. I hope he also got Mama & Papa a little extra homeowner's insurance to go with it.

Scared? Me, too.

Daddy demonstrates (please to note the position of the arrow in relation to the bow). In all fairness, this was after the first one went straight over the fence into the neighbor's yard.

Made. Of. Awesome.

When your husband likes Star Wars & makes a bangin' pancake, you can expect about 4 of these pancake molds per gift-giving occasion.

I only made one thing for Dash this year. I made about 100 things for other people's children (children who enjoy and appreciate the things I make for them. Unlike some people we know.) but Dash just got this snake. And he freaking LOVES the shit of of it! Win for Mommy!

I have no comment about the level of awesome here.

There were other lovely, appreciated gifts--a pogo stick, marble run, fingerprint picture kit & 3-d drawing pad. Lots of feel me. But mainly, most importantly, there was this:


Hope yours was as magical as ours. Blessings for us all this holiday season and beyond.

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