Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Be Mine

Valentine's Day is so awesome when you have a kid! Our tradition every year (since Josh and I were dating) is to watch a movie & order a pizza. No cards, no gifts, no flowers. Usually no candy, but this year I want candy. Nuts & chews from See's, ok, Honey?


Here's what we did this year for Dash's little school chums and our most beloved.

These are the cards that went to all of Dash's aunties & uncles.

This one is for our dear Pooks' puppy Travis, who is in surgery today having his tail removed due to a tumor (get well soon, Poopoo!) I sent it with a Snoopy band-aid over the tail.

All the cards were mailed along with some mini pretzels I dipped in melted chocolate and pink sprinkles.



Here they are all packed up.

For Dash's school friends I printed up some vintage valentines onto card stock. I think this is probably going to be the last year I can avoid those crappy Transformer supermarket cards.

I was gonna send home-made, heart-shaped soft pretzels to school too, along with cute little recipe cards for the parents. I got as far as making the cards before I realized that it all just seemed like a huge pain in the ass (yeast! the recipe requires yeast, for cripesakes).

So I made these instead. Jumbo marshmallows dipped in melted chocolate & red sprinkles. They look like a little mushroom village all lined up like that. No? Maybe if I add something for context?

See it now? Good.

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