Monday, August 09, 2010

More More More

Guys. It has been a frenzy. A FRENZY, I say! Poor Josh just kinda looks at me making the next insane thing & sighs. He doesn't even ask what I'm doing anymore. Because he knows the answer would involve cackling and probably a request that he run out to Michaels for me.

So anyway, it all started because Heather Ross released her new Far Far Away II fabric and my heart was heavy as I only have a son & no daughters. But! I am personally acquainted with three countem' three beautiful girls who might enjoy something made from those incredibly lovely fabrics. So, that explains three of the four quilts I mentioned in my last post. The fourth quilt just kinda happened. Don't ask.

OK. I don't even know why I started with the quilts because I have nothing to show here. They're not done and some of those girls' mommas might be lurking about so I wouldn't post them, anyway. But they did set off in me this almost physical need to make things with bows and princesses and flowers on them.

So I did. Everything's been tucked away for these beautiful girls' birthday & Christmas gifts. If you have a daughter who opens one of these gifts from us sometime soon, please feign total surprise, will you?

clippy bows
The first order of business was these little bow clips. They're sewed onto non-slip clips are are so freaking cute. I made Dash try them on for scale & I nearly ovulated right there & then.

crochet headbands
Then, these. They're little flowers I crocheted out of wool & attached onto headbands. It's kinda hard to see what's going on in this picture, but that's three bands stacked up. Each headband has three flowers. I want to lick them.

(Danielle, look away!)

house pillow
I actually made three of these, but the first one has already been given to its little owner. These two are waiting for a couple of very special little girls' birthdays later this year.

house pillow
They each have a little princess staring out the window, waiting to hear if they got into their first or second-choice college. What, you thought they were waiting around for some dumb prince?

story blocks
These are actually gender-neutral, I think, and they'll be going to some of our favorite girls & boys this Christmas. They're story blocks (inspired by these).

Story blocks
I made them from 1" wooden cubes that I Modge Podge'd with images from vintage kids books.

Story blocks
The idea is you roll the dice and use the images that come up as a story starter. The kids can either play alone to create the entire story, or the family can take turns rolling & continuing one another's stories. Cutest ever, right? I packaged them up in drawstring bags with a pencil & little notebook.

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