Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Things About Me Like You Care

The ever-delightful Erin over at Luck & Bliss has tagged me to answer some questions about me! Squee!

1. Is there anything you feel nekkid without? (aside from clothes!) Sunglasses! If you look at my Flickr you'll notice that there are nearly zero pictures of me w/o them. So LA, dahlink.

2. Books, magazines, games, comics, pieces of art that made you who you are today? I actually named a few books that shaped me here, so let's do art. Because I grew up in a one-bedroom apartment with my mom, we spent most of our days at parks and museums, I've always felt at home around art. The first painting that actually made me cry was Rothko's White Center. The first painter that I felt a real kinship with was Jackson Pollock. The first artist to make me laugh was Red Grooms.

3. Monkey or Robot? Which would you rather have? Robot. Duh.

4. Food you make when the poop hits the fan? Do you cook/eat for comfort? Oh lordy do I ever. Food is my absolute go-to for when I'm sad or mad or meh. The thing I want more than anything when I have the sads is vareneky with sour cream, but since my horrible father (who I love deeply but is the only one of us who can make them) has moved to Oregon, I must make do with soup. Any kind, as long as it's piping hot & home made. Oh! And a soft boiled egg, thick toast with butter & a hot mug of Earl Grey tea. And! Cherry Garcia frozen yogurt & champagne. I'll stop here, but rest assured, there's more. Much, much more.

5. How did you meet your sweetie? Is it romantic? (Will I need a tissue?... no really, I cry at everything). No, sister you certainly will not. Not romantic in the least. But it turned romantic right quick & that's all that matters, right?

6. Do you have a life plan, or do you just sort of truck along? I truck. I've always been a trucker. My only non-negotiable was to have a child. And I did. So I'm good.

7. Would friends of the teenage you recognize the current you? Would you still get along? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Sorry, teenage me is laughing at both of us.

8. Could you show me something pretty? Please? Can. Not. Decide. Here are four:

Reflecting pool

I think I'm supposed to tag & come up with questions of my own. And I will, for sure. Just not today. Because there is wine that is calling me, weeping softly that it feels so alone. Wants some company. Only a cruel bitch would say no.

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SarahSews said...

You crack me up. And like you, my only non-negotiable was that I have a child and become a mother. It required way more effort and time to get there than I thought it would so I'm just cruising along now, hoping for the best.