Thursday, August 05, 2010


When Dash's school announced that they were having a "dress as your favorite superhero" day, well. You can imagine.

Only problem was that Dash has outgrown many of his superhero costumes, and those that still fit are way too hot and bulky to wear during the day in August in SoCal. We kinda screwed around with the idea of sending him in his Batman jammies, but I think we can all guess what happened instead:

It's HAMMER TIME! (Well, except that we couldn't really send Dash to school with a hammer, so I guess it's SHIELD TIME! Doesn't quite have the same ring).

I swung by Joann last night after work & picked up some supplies--including my new very favorite thing in the universe: gold pleather. $18 later, we were in business.

Because it was around 7pm when I got started & he needed it this morning, we went almost completely no-sew. The cape is like a microfibery-fake-suedey thing that doesn't fray, so I just cut out the cape shape, attached Velcro to the neck & called it good. I freeballed the lightning shape (pretend you're surprised) & ironed it on with fusible webbing.

I picked up a too-big black t-shirt so that it would hang more like a tunic. I just cut off the sleeves & attached the blue circles with more fusible webbing (I used a small dish to trace the circle shapes since the lightning bolt taught me the hard lesson of what happens when I try to draw freehand). His "tights" are jammy bottoms & we already had the shield & helmet (of course we did).

I used the gold pleather for his belt and ankle & wrist cuffs. They're attached with more velcro that I sewed on this morning after finding out that there is not glue in the universe that works on gold pleather.

And that's it! Easy-peasy. It is the only thing I have ever made for Dash that he's been excited about. When he opened his eyes this morning he did a little sleepy jig because it was "Thor day."

Since he seems to honestly like the getup, I'm going to go back & sew down everything I fused, just to make it more sturdy.

Yay for me!

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