Friday, January 03, 2014


I didn't make much of a list of resolutions last year, but that didn't stop me from failing to complete a lot of it! Here's how I fared:

1. Enter my jam in the Ventura County Fair. I know why I keep putting this off. It's because the idea of making something and not having it be loved just kills me. But I need to put myself out there. I want to take this risk. Ugh. I am such a puss. This year I am doing it even if I have to beg Josh to just enter it for me. It's such a minor risk to take, but for me it's become a major hurdle. This year I clear it.

2. Run a 10k. I want to get serious about running. I'm getting old and I want to be strong for as long as I can manage. Also, when I'm running, I'm not watching Disney Channel and no one is whining at me. I should embrace the peace when I can. I did this! And I want to do at least one more in 2014.

3. Work on the dollhouse. I have so many ideas for my crazy little Wizard's House, and I get so much pleasure from fiddling with tiny things. But I don't make time for it because it's silly. I officially give myself permission to be silly. I did make a few framed pieces of art to put up, but I never did anything else. Maybe this year, but I'm not putting it on the list.

4. Make five crazy ice cream flavors from my new book. No reason other than it seems fun.
  • Thai Chili
  • Oolong
  • Chai
  • Coffee & Doughnuts
  • Chocolate & Stout
Yes! This really was so much fun and I'm excited to try more flavors this year.

5. Read twelve books in 2013. This would be easy if I would just put down my stupid phone.
You would not believe how down to the wire I was on this one. This year I'll read fourteen. BOOM.

6. Do a face peel. This seems like a ridiculous thing to write down, but it's kind of a big deal to me. If I actually did this, I'd have to take a week for myself. I'd be stuck in the house, all blistered and useless, and I'd be putting myself and my needs and wants ahead of Dash and Josh's for that week. Not even close. Again, maybe this year, but I'm not putting it on the list.

7. No sugar on weekdays. Sugar is the devil. The sexy, sexy devil. I actually did fairly well with this until December came. Fucking December, am I right?

8. Pay off two of our most pressing debts. Well, we paid one.

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