Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Big Boy Bed

I kept thinking that we'd keep Dash in his crib until he started trying to climb out. Except he's almost three and he still has never tried to climb out & I started to get concerned that the whole crib thing would come up for him in therapy one day so we said fuck it and graduated him into a big boy bed this weekend.

He fell out four times the first night (once totally silently--Josh just happened to check on him and find him on the floor). The next three times were accompanied by much yelling and indignation. I finally gave in at 5am and brought him into bed with me and Josh.

The next night he fell out once--again, silently. I found him sound asleep under the bed at 10:30pm. Last night he didn't fall out a single time.

But, still, he hates the new bed and is pretty pissed at us for making him switch.


We also got rid of his old dresser & converted the changing table into jammie & shoe storage.

We moved an old coffee table under the window. It'll serve as his new art space.

Getting rid of the dresser freed up some floor space for more toy storage. Because, you know, every kid needs THREE WHOLE ROOMS packed with toys.

I keep telling him that nothing bad can happen to him in his new bed because Superman & Batman are there to protect him. He isn't really buying it.

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