Sunday, December 07, 2008

The Tree

This weekend we loaded up Dash & his Aunty for some Christmas tree shopping.

Everyone should have an Aunty for lugging around their children.

And, you know, showering them with love. But don't undervalue the lugging.

This place sells pumpkins at Halloween & trees at Christmas. I wait all year for the "open" sign so I know the holidays really are upon us.

This year they had pony rides. Every time Dash is presented with a pony ride he is filled with awe.

But then he gets on the pony and is all, "meh."


There was a haystack, too. This picture was taken after Dash tired of trying to hurl himself across it in an effort to give his mother a heart attack.

The perfect tree.

Can you spot the naked baby? Now can you explain to me why he insists on stripping at every major occasion? He was nude for the bulk of Thanksgiving, too. Can't wait to see what he does at his High School graduation.

Now it's really the season of Solstice.

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