Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Sing

Dash has been wandering around the house for weeks singing all sorts of Christmas songs we had no idea he knew. Turns out he was practicing for his school's Christmas Sing and Cookie Swap extravaganza.

It did not go particularly well.

He started crying from the stage as soon as he spotted me in the audience.

Then he stuck his finger in his mouth, where it remained for the duration of the song.

At least he wasn't alone in his terror. The entire stage was silent except for one little girl who grabbed the mic and sang her ass off.

Things improved once he left the stage and got his cookie fix.

Hi Baba!

PS: Do you think the person who brought Oreos to the cookie swap is the same person who brought Jack in the Box onion rings to the 4th of July Potluck bbq? Me, too.

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