Monday, December 22, 2008

So we meet again, Santa

There has been much discussion of Santa around our house lately. (It's really amazing that kids will just kind of accept that a fat, bearded guy with a giant sack of toys is going to break into our house in a few days & leave a bunch of presents under the tree.)

Anyway, Dash never really forgot the horror of his short visit with Santa last year. He has known for weeks that we'd pay him another visit, and every time we brought it up he made a point to tell me that he wanted to see Santa (to tell him what loot to deliver on Christmas), but that he would not sit on Santa's lap. (He actually started to come around to the idea of Santa's lap, but that that all went straight to hell the minute he laid eyes on the big man.)

So we sat, at first, on the arm of Santa's throne. Santa is a marvel with kids and he soon had Dash engaged in a discussion about Cars characters. We finally inched our way down to the seat next to Santa, but there would be no laps.

Later Dash's love, Lis Ana, showed up and they drank hot cocoa & threw coins into the fountain and all was well in the world.

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