Tuesday, December 09, 2008


You know who loves Christmas more than a Jew? No one, that's who. I call it Solstice & try to bring some of the old-school celebration of return to light into the mix. But I think we all know I'm just looking to justify my obsession with Christmas.

Dash (or, you know, Dash's teachers) made this wreath last year. It's a paper plate with the center cut out and construction paper cutouts of Dash's hand tracings glued to it. It may be my favorite thing.

My mom gave me those silver tree candles. They're too beautiful to ever burn. The pitcher will have flowers in it as soon as I can get it together to buy some flowers.

I made Josh's, Dash's & my stockings a couple of years ago. This year I made some for Aunty and my mom (Baba).

These tins came from Joann and I can't believe how much I love them. I was hoping they'd have them again this year so I could actually fill them with cookies and give them away. But they didn't, so I will continue to hoard these. The paper garland came from Target last year. It was Aunty's idea to wrap it around the mantle.

Last year I made a Christmas village out of unfinished birdhouses. This year I finally just gave in and bought myself what I had been dreaming of for a good 15 months: your Grandma's lit up Christmas village. It all started with the Silver Fox Lounge (top right). We call Josh the Silver Fox, so it was destiny. Also, it's a jazz club. The radio station (top left) has little dudes in the window singing carols. The birdhouse village is in Dash's room.

Natural History Museum.

Grocery store.

Captain's quarters. In my mind he's like that crazy old sea captain from Mary Poppins with the ship deck on his roof. Is it weird that I think about this stuff?

My very own Clark Griswold incarnate.

This was just phase two of the Christmas lights.

I'll update again as we approach the final phase.

Ha! See, we are Jews! We even have the required equipment!

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