Saturday, March 28, 2009

Art Box

Our darling friend Luke turned five today. His Mama said he likes to draw, so we made up an art box for him:

I got a photo storage box from Joann.

And filled the box with art materials.

I personalized an awesome image I found & had saved for a rainy day, & printed it onto card stock.

All the different markers, pencils, crayons, paint sticks & watercolor pencils went into little pouches made from cheerful fabrics & backed with felt.

Yup, still refusing to iron.

Another view of the wrinkles.

The crayons & brushes went into a little tin bucket.

I hope hope hope he likes it. It's always hard to not choose the cool toy of the month. But I figure even if he hates it now (like Dash almost always does when I try to make him something) eventually he'll come to see the awesomeness of having something totally unique and made with love.


Danielle said...


The Art Box was a huge success. Once again you amaze me with your thoughfulness & creativity. When Luke opened the box numerous little hands were trying to check out the contents. The word "Awesome" was repeated numerous times (obviously the adjective of choice for three-seven year olds as well as some adults). The gift will hopefully be used to create drawings that will be cherished for a lifetime. A wonderful gift indeed!

Megan said...

Very cute! What a lucky kid.