Tuesday, March 31, 2009

¿Por qué?

Why is there a rock there?

Why is that car yellow?

Why is Syndrome a bad guy?

Why is that a duck?

Why are you Mommy?

It's not just that these questions are clearly impossible to answer. It's that he doesn't even really want an answer. He is just compelled to continue asking why? why? why? We tried at first to come up with thoughtful or funny replies. Now we just laugh. (He laughs, too, 'cause he knows he's a nutbag.)

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vincent said...

You just wait! My 5 year old is making and writing books, like 4-5 a day now... So, our question of every 2 seconds is "How do you spell- (whatever word she is trying to spell at that second!) ???". Don't get me wrong, I love she is doing great at reading and pretty good at spelling- but I feel like a talking dictionary!!!