Sunday, March 29, 2009

Powers Rangers, Mama's Fury

Dash is obsessed with Power Rangers. I cannot begin to fathom how they are even on his radar. He has never seen an episode of the show, and I'm not sure they're even still airing them.

(The things three-year-old-boys obsess over are beyond my comprehension and I should just give up trying to guess what's cool and why: Short sleeves are cool , longs sleeves aren't. No matter how cold the weather. I learned this the hard way.)

Anyway, Dash has a couple of Power Rangers books that he conned us into buying for him during recent bookstore outings (I've since wised up and instated a new "no-tv-or-movie-related-book rule.)

But the thing is, when I read him the books at bedtime, he insists that the Power Rangers be called by the names of his school friends, rather than the names printed in the books. I assume that, at school, they all have assigned characters and he's just being true to the cause. But I'm about to lose my mind. Check it:

Blue Ranger aka Dax = Glenny & Xander (yeah, I have to say both names when I read the story.)

Pink Ranger aka Rose = Zoe

Red Ranger aka Mack = Dash

Yellow Ranger aka Sonny = Sophia

Black Ranger aka Will = Heaven (his name is Evan but Dash absolutely insists I call him Heaven).

So, this is mainly why I can't drink wine during the week any more. I really can't even remember all the name switches when I'm sober. Tipsy, it's a lost cause.

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vincent said...

I cannot believe I let her, but my 17 year old watched Power Rangers when she was young... She was nuts on them and drove me crazy. She even had a stuffed-type Pink Power Ranger that growled something out when you gave her a squeeze. Now with my 5 year old I see that on television and about die. I would never let her watch it, and can't believe I let my other daughter!!! Geesh, they it's nutty!!!