Monday, March 02, 2009

Starting Seeds

Last year I was determined to grow something--anything--in the horrible patch of clay we call a yard. I amended the soil as well as I could and then just sorta hucked some radish seeds at a bare spot and stood back. I did actually get some radishes, but they were kinda measly and woody and not really worth talking about.

So this year I've decided to stop fucking around. I have recruited Josh to build me some raised beds so I can just put some good organic soil down and ignore the crappy dirt-hand we've been dealt. I started the seeds this weekend.

I emptied a couple of egg cartons and filled them with good soil and seeds for two types of tomatoes, cucumbers and peas. I also have carrot seeds ("it'll never come up!"), but I guess those need to start in the ground. I'm seriously counting on making gazpacho from my very own tomatoes this year, so wish me luck, won't you?

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