Monday, March 16, 2009

Garden Update

OK! So the seeds sprouted much more quickly than we expected and Josh had to haul a little bit of ass to get the beds built and filled. But he did it! So far everything looks awesome. If you know us in real life, please cross your fingers and we promise we'll return the favor with lots of fresh veggies come Summer.

Here are the egg cartons I planted last weekend. They're coming up!

A couple of days later they were looking like this. Nice work, green beans!

Josh & I headed to Lowe's for some wood and braces and screws. We found a whole incredibly complicated tutorial for building raised beds online, but we were all, "fuck it. how hard can it be to make a rectangle?"

Not that hard, but we're a little impressed with ourselves, so here's another picture.

Soil all spread out and ready to go. Those papers at the bottom right are graphs on which Josh plotted out the spacing of the seedlings based on the instructions on the packets. He was out there with a tape measure, hand to God.

I got sick (just a cold) when it was time to start planting so Josh was on his own. It was night by the time he was finished. But our little seedlings are all safe and sound in their soily, loamy homes. We'll tend them with a little organic fertilizer and home-made compost. I really hope it works.

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