Saturday, March 21, 2009

More Tote

I spend a lot of time thinking about storage. Our house is small and I'm a neat freak and Dash has a lot of everything. Also, I am slightly insane, so storage must be not just utilitarian, it must also be cute. (You wouldn't think a mother of a three-year-old with a full time job, a long commute, no house keeper and a little problem with OCD would have the time to decorate every single thing she owns. You'd be wrong. I make time. Because I'm nuts.)

Anyway. We need a system for library books. We check out upwards of ten books a visit, and kids books are skinny and oddly-shaped and unwieldy. And they just upped library fines, so if you're late or (God forbid) lose a book, you could be out $40, easy. Which kinda defeats the purpose of going to the library in the first place.

Jesus this is a long preamble.

Look! I made a library book storage tote bag! I put a "D" on it! For Dash! The End! (I stopped drinking wine during the week and it's Saturday, 6:45 pm, so I'm a little bit drunk. Can you tell?)

("D" made from Jay McCarroll fabric from Sew, Mama, Sew and Under Wonder. My favorite thing about this picture is that I had to use an iron to adhere the "D" to the bag. And, yet, I still couldn't be bothered to iron the rest of the wrinkles out. Now that is a commitment to hating ironing if I ever saw one.)

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