Saturday, March 14, 2009

Dolls are for Boys

I have but one regret about having a son: no dolls. But I figured a way around it.

A lovely soul posted some plain boy paperdoll and costume line drawings on Fickr for download. I replaced the drawn heads with photos of Davey & Dash in Photoshop. Then I printed everything onto card stock and stuck it to adhesive magnet paper.

The idea was for the boys to color everything in, but Aunty Nic figured out right quick that they would just fuck everything up, so she took over the coloring. I turned away for a minute and Dash did indeed draw black lines through every single magnet. Here they were while still pristine:

Harry Potter

Pirate & Rocker

The wallet chain kills me.

Everything went into these paper bags, personalized with custom "D" stickers I made in Photoshop
(because if it's not worth overdoing then why bother?).

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