Sunday, May 03, 2009

San Diego Deux, Part Deux

On our second day in San Diego we headed to The New Children's Museum. It's really a beautiful place, and I plan to make it part of our vacations every year until Dash is 18.

They figured out a way to make a Segway just a touch more geeky. It's made of wood, is powered by standing on the wheels and called a "Legway."

Rock climbing wall. Not a giant success.

I dunno. Astroturf gardening? Grass puzzles?


OK, I don't know how I could possibly describe the awesomeness of this room. It's covered, floor to ceiling, in mattresses,

and filled knee-deep with pillows silk-screened to look like tires.

Dash is in there.


They had an old Bug that they let the kids paint with tempra. I have absolutely no idea why. But the girl running the thing was awfully sweet and she gave me a gorgeous hunk of the peeled paint to take home. It's striated and beautiful and is now living in Dash's room. I'll try to remember to take a picture.

Dash isn't that into getting his hands dirty so he was done in about three minutes.

They also had a printmaking class that was way, way over Dash's head,

but he just carved his little figures into his little waxed cd like a trooper.

Using the press to make the print.


It was a lovely day except for the 45-minute screaming fit that took place right after we left the museum because I refused to carry him the three blocks to the restaurant for lunch. Parents passed by us with that look of, "I'm sorry, I've been there, but thank God it's not me this time," while Dash just screamed and writhed on the sidewalk. The fact that he was allowed to accompany us home after that performance speaks only to Josh & my dedication to the fucker.

Final day next!

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