Friday, May 01, 2009

San Diego Deux, Part Une

We just got back from our second annual San Diego vacation. We started at Legoland and I came to a serious conclusion about our family: we are giant nerds. GIANT. But we're awesome and we have more fun than I ever expected (five years ago) was possible without a guest list and vodka tonic.

Trying to hang onto him for a picture is like trying to hold a greased pig.

No funny comment except, OMG, fucking cutie!

He's pretending to fight Darth Vader, but we all know he's from the dark side.

He takes after his parents.


If Ogre was watching, he'd be all, "NERDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and then he'd crush a beer can on his head.


More rides.

More, more rides.

You get the drill.

Happy in the gallows.

Sad in the gallows.

I am your king and you will bow to me!

Did you know they had a water park at Legoland? We did not. But Dash was thrilled to learn that he could acquire a pair of fill-in swim trunks for the occasion for the low, low price of $14.99.

Oh, and they have a driving school that issues "licenses." I am proud to report that even among other three- and four-year-olds Dash is the...




As the day wound down Dash stopped for a quick nap.

And then he was refreshed for all the pirating and marauding we had on deck for the rest of the day.

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vincent said...

That looks like so much fun... Really it does! You have a lucky boy, well- uhmm... two lucky boys!