Saturday, May 09, 2009

Garden Update

I won't lie. We've had some setbacks. Our second batch of tomato seeds went south, so I gave up and bought some plants. But the cucumbers are doing AWESOME, and we started some crooked neck squash, sugar snap peas & Anaheim chilies. Josh also built another raised bed to house the bell peppers I'm trying to start from seed and praying will come up. If everything in the garden comes up this summer I will have achieved my dream of gazpacho from our own soil.

Third bed! Is empty! For now!

Strawberries! Please come up and save me $5.00 a week in strawberries from Trader Joe's!

Carrots! From seeds! Can you tell I'm excited!?

Cucumbers! But very, very small!


[Edited much, much later to point out that those aren't cucumbers. They're green beans. We're quite the brain trust over here.]

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vincent said...

Strawberries are most awesome... We started out last year with 5 plants- this year we have thirty something... You will be amazed! Ours our already getting big and I cannot wait...