Sunday, May 24, 2009

Why Yes, We Did Attend Another Angels Baseball Game.

Our dear friends the Villalpandos are die hard Dodger fans (booooo) and have season tickets (yay for us!) They were out of town for today's game against the Angels and so very generously gifted us with four tickets for some amazing seats.

We packed up Aunty and loaded up on Dodger Dogs (the only thing that they have over us) and peanuts and malted milks and nachos and Cracker Jacks and beer and lemonade and watched the Angels shut it down. Again.

They were giving away Webkinz to the kids. Dash doesn't know what a Webkinz is (neither do his parents) but he loves his new puppy, Floyd (named after his beloved Makenna, Hayden & Masie's pug.)

We were losing when we finally got to our seats. The look on Josh's face is all you need to know about how we turned it around.

{Confidential to Angels Management: Dash has been to four Angels games and you have won all of them. I think he's your good luck charm. Now, I would never imply that you should pay us to attend games, but we're amenable to a ticket price reduction.}

Also, Dash learned to shell his own peanuts.

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